About Us | The Story of My Wine Hat


I’m Renee

Hello my fellow wine loving, world traveling, fashion forward friends. I’m happy you are here. Nice to meet you.

My Wine Hat came to be in November 2020 while at a small boutique winery. I realized that not only did I have on a hat, but so did half of the other enophiles in the tasting room. I’ve been wearing hats while tasting wine and traveling around the world for the past twenty years and somehow missed how many other oenophiles also loved a good hat.

This particular day was inspired by a friendly couple that asked about the inexpensive hot pink fedora that I was wearing. It didn’t have a tag so I playfully told them it was “My Wine Drinking Hat”. The couple laughed, but weren’t satisfied with my response. They wanted a Wine Hat of their very own. My Wine Hat was a conversation starter and my companion that earned me two new friends and an idea. If us winos were already wearing hats why wasn’t anyone marketing a high quality industry specific hat directly to us? I set out to do just that! I based my first 12 styles on the top wine regions around the globe. These elegant custom designed branded hats will be continually paired with wines from each region to learn more about wine through fashion and give back to the community by donating a portion of each sale to the Chaine Foundation.

If you're passionate about wine, we have your hat!

More about the Foundation

I am honored to me a member of both the Chaine Des Rotisseurs and the Societe Mondale du Vin.

The Chaîne des Rôtisseurs is the world’s oldest international gastronomic society, founded in Paris in 1248. It is devoted to preserving the camaraderie and pleasures of the table and to promoting excellence in all areas of the hospitality arts. To accommodate those members with a special interest in wine, the Société Mondiale du Vin was created to promote the enjoyment, knowledge and understanding of fine wines and crafted beverages. Each year the society sponsors young chef and sommelier competitions that attract contestants from throughout the world, while the Chaîne Foundation provides scholarships for students in these fields.

The Foundation’s grants provide welcome financial aid to our young confrères and consoeurs who will someday be staffing the restaurants and hotels we enjoy during our Chaîne and Mondiale events. At the early stage of their careers, even a few dollars can ease financial strain allowing them the peace of mind to passionately pursue their studies.

A portion of the sale of each hat will be paid forward to the Foundation to help support the food and wine community which has brought me so much joy, friendship and beautiful memories.